iot full development SERVICES

Internet of Things Application Development & Device Connection

We can connect your product to the Internet - We offer the connection of any products to the Internet, to a mobile application or desktop software, to sensors of any kind, and more.

Customers of all types have been demanding that from companies, the customers like it and the way to communicate with the customer using a mobile computer of any kind is the obvious way, it can be via display, sensor of any kind, speaker, camera etc.

We can make your product to be connected to the internet, to your server or to GPS system and to other systems that communicates with an IP address or sensor technology of many kinds.

We combine it together, from the object to the software, we are making objects that have IP with an Internet connection - from the prototype stage to the final stage including the entire product manufacturing to the hardware and software.

We have a deep understanding of sensors and wireless communication technologies along with AI machine learning capabilities, and we use that to provide our customers with full service from prototype assembling, to the instillation of electronics components, energy source and the entire software side bot back end and front end.

We are highly skilled in technologies that provide the ability to put a micro-computer inside a thing.

The size of something small we can connect to the internet and GPS system is:

Height: 13 or 25mm.

Width: 13 or 25 mm.

Depth: 6 mm on average in tiny things.

Weight: 67 grams on average.

The biggest size we may ever need if we don’t really have space problems, for example in a refrigerator where we have plenty of space for, sensors of any kid, cameras, infrared systems etc. will be:

Height: 150.

Width: 70 mm.

Depth: 70 mm.

Weight: 300 - 600 grams.

No limit to what can be created with our IoT development service - We are making devices / products to receive and transmit information without human interaction, objects or natural thing that pick up an IP address and pass on the information through the network.

We collect the data through sensor installed in the hardware, we know how to fully implement and work with pre-assembled boards and sensors up to when we depict the collected data to the user.

Let’s connect a thing to the internet and develop a software to communicate with that thing - We deliver full IoT service, all included, contact us when you are ready.