Software Engineering for Financial Industries

This part of the Tago.Services excites us, FinTech is the first reason we entered the whole world of IT.

If you are curious, the second area that got us into the whole IT world was information security. After developing several trading systems for the global capital markets, we became obsessive about data and cyber security.

We deeply understand how to protect data therefore we are fully confident in securing the data of our own intellectual property, data security is one of the outstanding advantages of working with us in this field of FinTech.

We are building top notch trading, risk management and portfolio management systems, our biggest in house project is TagoTrader framework®, a project started by Amir Arazi in 2007 and in 2017 moved to rapid development in which all the Company's resources and funds were invested in (Jan 2017 - Aug 2018).


We are experts in the development of 32bit & 64bit native & hybrid / cross-platform trading & analysis platforms for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

We are specialized in building the following tools in cutting edge technologies for Futures, Options, Stocks, ETF’s, Bonds, Forex and Crypto assets and markets:

  • High-definition charting and financial data visualizations of all kind.
  • Your own programming language - Let your users code and compile their own indicators and strategies based on your programming language & syntax, and enable users to distribute indicators/strategies without exposing their source code.
  • High-End Back Testing systems.
  • Strategy Builders.
  • Exclusive Technical analysis tools and customizable studies.
  • Scanning tools and Stock screeners.
  • Bid-Ask Analysis & DOM (Depth of Market) visualization and Level2 MD tools.
  • News, commentary & economic calendars dashboards.
  • Spread & Low-Frequency Arbitrage tools.
  • Server-side tasks that facilitate the user's machine.
  • Advanced watch lists and forex matrix tools.
  • Portfolio management tracking.
  • Option Chains and multi-leg options order dashboards.
  • High performance Time & Sales tools.
  • Highly advanced Iceberg orders that really disclose a portion of the user’s orders.
  • Risk-Reward analytics.
  • Position allocation, multiple traders account, special transfers & managing tools.
  • Connection to data-feed providers including background calculations to combine historical data & real-time data from various sources to work as one.
  • Connection to execution providers for executing trades tools and real-time account information access tools.
  • Timestamps tools and algorithms for synchronizing and filling data gaps.


While some people think that Native software’s are doomed, we don’t, but we do understand that browser-based software is an amazing solution which has been alive and kicking in many areas and especially in the financial world of services.

Do not be mistaken and think that this means the software will work less smoothly, browser technologies are frequently updated and become increasingly powerful.

In addition, it is important to remember that difficult tasks can be transferred from the machine of the user to the machine on the server, when the user only receives the final result.

Server-side tasks that facilitate the user's machine is an integral part of a browser-based software development.

With today's tools and technologies we can build anything that exists in a native software - in a browser-based software.

A very good example of that approach would be from the gaming industry, when gaming companies sets a powerful gaming device in a data-center, rendering the game frame by frame into a compressed video stream, and then send the results to the player who has a very weak gaming machine, allowing the player to enjoy the quality of the game as if he had the last shout of gaming machines.


Our software development expertise and innovations can changed the way clients interact with banks, hedge-fund and insurance firms.

Tago’s FinTech services includes the full development and algorithmic engines for the following:

  • Banking trading software, according to the highest security requirements in the banking industry, with full compliance with regulation in most countries.
  • Online / Digital banking platforms & solutions for both corporate and individual accounts.
  • Assets management systems development.
  • Credit card transactions processors including reports and statistics.
  • Flexible access tools to cash-flow needs and purchase inventories.
  • Multi-lenders load syndications tools.
  • Online banking dashboards (UX/UI) for Savings, Money Market, CDs and Interest-Bearing accounts.
  • Smart cash-flow management and monitoring solutions.
  • Robo-Advisors solutions to provide less human intervention using AI technologies.
  • Blockchain based solutions and software development.
  • Full Crypto Token development.
  • Algorithmically guaranteed smart-contracts development.
  • Peer to Peer Crowdfunding & Lending platforms & solutions.


Turning your trading ideas and strategies into an independent robot.

We offer a professional service of the highest level by developing a trading robot that works independently, regardless of any external factor, except data and execution providers, which in most cases your robotic project will require this by you.

With our knowledge, technologies and actual practical experience, the full development of a trading robot is in our nature - for both low and high frequency trading.

In addition to that, we can also provide the implementation of server co-location and data center services.

To remove any doubt - we do not offer trading methods and strategies - we focus on perfectly building what you ask for and we will even help you prepare your characterization properly, so your project will be much clearer to you too.

In the field of building robot software’s for automated trading, we have a unique working method that allows you to develop your trading robot with us - without revealing any sensitive and important information about your calculations.